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Education and Therapy sessions for all ages and abilities

At Phantom’s Legacy we use rescue ponies and Equido Equine Therapy techniques to offer various sessions and courses, including recognised qualification courses (SQA and Lantra) for people of all ages and abilities. We are an affiliate of the Equido Charity with the qualifications provided by Equido Horsemanship Ltd.  To Learn More Click Here

Equido is a unique, comprehensive training technique which is based on Natural Horsemanship philosophy. This philosophy works on the basis that horses do not learn effectively through fear and pain (a bit like humans). Natural horsemanship follows and works with the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication by looking for subtle cues.

Our sessions and courses allow our clients to experience the benefits of working with our ponies whilst creating bonds, building trust and learn something different. At Phantom’s Legacy our focus is to ensure our clients leave feeling happy and accomplished.

Although most of our sessions and courses involve working with the ponies, we also have some other activities which make use of our amazing natural surroundings and allow for other aspects of outdoor learning.

Further details can be found about all we can offer in our ‘What We Offer’ section.

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